Gordon Ramsay Is Going to Put Trash on the Menu

Gordon ramsery
Gordon ramsery

Some of the chef in Europe announced next month, lost this time in the kitchen and show up in London, serves delicious food from waste food.

Gordon Ramsay, Claire Smith and Tom Quieradj invited just a few boss celebrities to provide the ingredients to get rid of them regularly, even if the customer does not know who to cook ahead, Bloomberg reports.

Repetition leads to London’s loss, opened for the first time in Manhattan in 2015 by Dan Barber, from Blue Hill, a popular New York restaurant. London kitchen is open from February 24 to April 2 in the Selfridge shop roof.

The menu changes daily depending on what is available. It has all ingredients of food surplus farmers, distributors, restaurants, shops and others, according to the project site. The dishes are prepared to share around $ 18 while a series of non-traditional “high tea” prices will be priced around $ 39.

The purpose of this program, Barber said, is to draw attention to waste of food, to grow around the world. About a third of food, lost or wasted every year, according to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (about 1.3 million euros), or cash worth $ 990,000 million, especially in countries rich and advanced most.

Despite losing a lot of food, however, and suffering from a lack of food from all nine people, most between developed countries in Asia and Africa.

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A hairdresser who had his name in the forefront of the New York moving farm is supposed to be the most sophisticated garbage food and open mind about the use of ingredients can be captured between gourmet places like the UK

“It’s very exciting,” Bloomberg said in an interview in his restaurant in New York. “Together a list in the city different need to learn more about the history of agriculture and food and the reality of the scene in London lives a lot of learning.”

“What I want in London with these ideas, culture on waste food is great, well for the United States.”


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