Matt Cutts steps down from Google, steps up at the U.S. Digital Service

He fell on the job foot after the government last year sought out Google gurus and Matt Cutts of Google in a sustainable manner. The Cats, which has been producing the Google Spam SEO 2000, the mid 2016 digital company in the US (USDs) in the position is expected to leave for three months with its Connected Growth or Cats, now technologically managing USDs, and being a technological consultant at home during the show. political action to be eliminated.Cats, Leo Recent sins are known to official translations of Google search technology to the general community, changes this time on December 31, 2016.

USDS person who has defined himself as a “home Internet service, white and other government digital resources and we all are not visible to a special team.” With a “challenging technology” landscape, including verification programs and USDs used in the past, safety.

Cats, in a post posted on a state blog, noted the difference between Google and Google:

“Work for the government does not pay as well as large Silicon Valley companies … to act without we get … Today is a lot too frustrating … The only thing I can tell you is that this job is very important and inspiring, and you have a choice. Last year she worked in this field, said: “In the past five years have been very difficult, and I think that the worst and the best and rewarding. “

USDs all kind of lab, known as 18F, are technically based workers on short service, so the government with some exciting sense of recording technology in the process. Cutts said that we are going to the position and what the administration can not return and we will update the information on the decision he is expected to learn more about. The era of USDs Obama as the new president of Electra Trump easily find the stone now there is no solution.


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