What is Mead?

Mead is a honey and water is created in the way of the fermentation, and sometimes a variety of fruits, spices, alcoholic beverages, and wheat, and hops. Alcohol content of 20% plus 8% ABV. Defining a fermentable sugar, honey honey drink extracted from the most appropriate. Perhaps, however, carbonated or sparkling natural dry, sweet or semi-sweet.

Antiquity is of ancient Europe and Africa, and Asia, produced by Mead.

Mead played a significant role religion of the people, Epistulae ad Familiares. An example of this is Mead Johnson skilled poet wise Kvasir Norwegian blood to drink wine from the transformation of the ancient mythology forward.

The reason why by “honey” and “sweetened with honey” is often synonymous. For some culture, it is among the honey, mead and wine. For example, he who believes in Hungary, if it is made of a sweet, honey, water, and of the leaven (Ancient), water, honey, honey wine should be that which is leavened, and recrement grapes or other fruit.

history of mead
history of mead


Ceramic vessels dating from 6500-7000 BC. China Northern BC found and suitably honey and yeast recipes need the signature of organic compounds. In Europe, is the first in the ceramics, the nature of Bell Beaker culture (2800-1800 about) may be found in the rest of the Sample confirmed.

Mead Rig Veda was first described in the history of Vedic religion (post) from one of Hinduism dates back to 1700 BC, the sacred book of hymns, 1100. In the golden age of Greece, which the wind in Mead to drink. Aristotle (384-322 BC) in this debate were the time of the sweet, and elsewhere, Pliny the Elder (AD 23-79) is called the Hydra of nature and the diversity of their own militia or made with honey honey sweet honey wine. A small pillar of the flower of the Roman natural philosopher gave the recipe re-Hispanic honey, wine, in Germany, to the case of 60.

In the past few years, of honey, half a liter of water with the rain. In order to reduce the honey, the water and nine ounces of honey and half a liter of the composite. For the whole 40 days on the shelf, and went to the fire, only the Father. If it does not rain, the water boil.


There are, in comparison with the Brythonic seer, Taliesin poem you’re called, who were living in the round to 550, when it is said Kanu or y “, singing and Mead.” Legendary drinking and dancing songs in multiple places to rule Eidyn Ting Mead (Edinburgh today) soldiers boasted that sweet sound in the hall of the palace, which is attributed to Aneirin time poet who Taliesin. In the old English epic Beowulf, Danish Warriors honey drink. Celtic and Germanic culture of the island, the most heroic songs Mead drink.

After this, tribute, and custom content management leads to that which is blurred with those of Mead drink alcohol, even to the present day. Beekeeping and honey byproducts, some said, the old monasteries, especially in the one cluster of grapes may not be cultivated, as is well known the day of Lindisfarne mead which has been made in the temple, he may be, but is not true.


fermentation process
fermentation process

Mead yeast production is generally equal to alcohol use in manufacture. Many families use biogas fermentation of wine producers (especially in the preparation of wine), and.

Hydrometer in front of the fermentation, and the use or broken or to be known openly the density of the sweet wine, wine and honey; to the volume of the fermentation process in the pill can be determined from the nature of the final product. But also for other purposes. Measuring the proportion of warm honey, a lot of manufacturers to solve quickly, “Ban” in the “tree” is the word that describes the brim prematurely stopped.

Often, meadows, wine and wine at the same temperature fermentation.

The first day after the fermentation significantly more slowly, in the water sweetened with honey, and then the second containing moisture. This is the second fermentation. A great part of which is designed to allow the first and Commercial leaven of the second lake in the fermentation vessel. The transfer of the two survivors of the seat allow Mead


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