Garmaine Staff asked 2 years ago

I am a bit confused about package naming in Java.

I know that it's recommended to begin the package name with a domain name like: com.aimforthebushes.packagename and that there is a folder structure that equals the package naming scheme: /com/aimforthebusches/packagename

I am beginning to use IntelliJ and when a project is created it makes by default a couple of folders src and out

I have three questions:

1.- If I am following the naming convention does it means that I have to create the folder structure com.aimforthebushes.packagename inside src?

2.- Do I need to create the same folder structure for every project or can I put them all under the same domain? ie:

  • /ProjectName/com/aimforthebushes/packagename


  • /com/aimforthebusches/projectname/packagename

3.- If I can put all the projects under the same domain name (and thus same folder structure) how to I do that on IntelliJ?

Thank you in advance.