Garmaine Staff asked 3 years ago

The problem to be resolved

When taking a shower, the curtain sneaks closer and closer to my body and finally, it bites my butt, which is immensely unpleasant. One person in the household lacks balance due to medical issues and can fall to the floor on occasion.

Special restriction

Due to medical considerations, it's not possible to mount a rail on the floor. Whatever solution there is, it has to be above-floor concept. If absolutely nothing else works, it might be something that doesn't create a threshold or significant elevation.

Solutions that won't work

Installing a rail on the floor will stop someone in the household from accessing the shower. Fixed wall over a part of the access way and/or partial rail will create a too narrow access path heavily impacting on the ease of use.

Schematics of the facility

The bathroom has the shower part by the far-end wall, across the whole wall, not in the corner. The person stands/sits with the back to the wall opposite to the wall with the faucet. On the right side, there's a wall with a window then. On the left, open space with toilet and sink.

enter image description here

Ideas for solution

I was thinking about a much heavier curtain but I fear that it will still sneak up my donkey. Another idea would be a magnet in the wall that the curtain connects to. I suspect that the middle part would still "baloon inwards".

The request/question

What would be a nifty way to approach this matter? Can any of my ideas be set up in a functioning way? Anything else that I should consider? I'm trusting that there's a nice way to resolve it because people generally have butts and most of them shower.