Garmaine Staff asked 4 years ago

How can one choose the proper pressure setting on a water flosser (e.g., Waterpik)?

Below is what I have read and heard:

  1. (mirror):

    Old folks who blast their perio pockets with a water pick on the highest settings, then wonder why their pockets are getting deeper. Please use a low setting on your water pick and don't sit with it in the same spot for a minute.

  2. (mirror):

    Start with the lowest pressure setting, lean over the sink, place tip in your mouth.

  3. A dentist I visited some time ago was recommending using the highest settings.

  4. (mirror) (note: waterpik has 10 levels, where 10 is the highest pressure):

    Our waterpik rep stated that it is most effective at a power level of 7.

  5. (mirror):

    Turn the pressure control dial on the base of the unit to the lowest setting (pressure setting No.1) for first-time use. Gradually increase pressure over time to the setting you prefer – or as instructed by your dental professional.

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