Garmaine Staff asked 2 years ago

I have a marble piece, and on top of that I have a sliding glass door (one sliding and one fixed). The issue is that between the floor (marble) and the fixed glass panel there is a gap of 1/4 inch where water is escaping to the other side of the shower. I thought about the following solutions in order of effectiveness:

  • Silicone: don't want to use, because it's too hard to remove later in case of any maintenance (will get stuck/leave residue on glass and marble).
  • Flashing/vinyl seal: would be my best option for now because it allows easy removal if needed, but in my opinion it looks ugly (plastic and marble together…).

Any other options I could consider that will not interfere with the current look, and will be effective and not so hard to remove later when/if needed?

Thank you.